I got to attend WPPI for the first time this year and it was amazing!  I attended several seminars given by some of my favorite photographer’s around!  I learned alot, but the best part for me was getting to meet other photographers (not to mention getting to hang out with some good friends from Indy)!  A couple of friends and I did mangage to make some time to go “shoot” one night and I grabbed a couple of shots whenever I could spare a few minutes from all the classes. 

This is the MGM where the conference was held.  I think there were like, 16,000 photographers there!  It was packed!

Palm Trees in February…

The MGM Lion and some flowers at the Spa!

This really struck me as funny!  I wasn’t sure if these guys were just hangin’ out or if they were lunch maybe???

The last night before I left for home, some friends & I went out to do a little “night shooting”.

This little dog was too cute!  Then we got a little side-tracked at Urban Outfitters, were my friend Brandy found some hats!  (Just a few, LOL)!

(Like I said, just a few…)

(A few more…)

With so many hats, I decided to have a little fun with some “color processing”!  What do you think??

What can I say?  We had a blast! 

I love the decor in this store!! Wow! 

We were taking photos and Brandy was adding cool textures with her phone. I decided to make some cool textures of my own (through the dirty window, LOL)! 

Put all our hats away and headed over to the “Bellagio” to look at the fountain. 

This fountain always makes me think of “Ocean’s Eleven”.  I love that movie.

It was a “jam-packed” week!  I’m still trying to digest all the amazing information!  So now, it’s back to work, but I’m already excited for next year!

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