I’ve been neglecting my blog! There’s so much going on at the studio I just can’t seem to keep up! I’m excited for lots of new changes that are on the way! Well, I was editing this little guys photos this week and I had to stop and share! I’ve been photographing Keon since… well before he was born! I am totally in love with this little guy & I just can’t believe how much he’s changed in just 17 short months!

Take a look & see: Waiting on him to arrive…

This boy has ALWAYS loved getting his photograph taken!

6 months old & ready to go!

We went to the park for Keon’s 1 year old birthday photo session! He was in heaven!

He has also always loved my camera & would take advantage of any chance to get ahold of it! 🙂 Happy Birthday Little Man!

Keon came in the other day for the “Charity Model Search”

Keon is FULLY mobile! There was NO stopping him!

I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to watch him grow!

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