Baby Adalynn came to the studio the other day to get her 3 month portraits.  She had me & her parents “cracking up”!!  Try as we may, we could NOT keep her awake!!  She was wide awake when she got to the studio, but almost as soon as we got her dressed, ZONK!!  Her mommy even let her sleep in that morning!  You generally never want to wake a sleeping baby, but boy did we try!!  We did manage to get some “awake” portraits, but as you’ll see… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sweeter sleeping angel!!

   This is so funny!  She was trying to go to sleep, while laughing at us!!  🙂

Have you EVER seen a more beautiful pair of lashes???

I love this sweet family! 

BOOM!  Totally worth the wait!  Look at those gorgeous eyes!!  Dad’s gonna have his work cut out for him!! 

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