So I have to take a minute to share some family time with you all! We got the chance to go to Colorado to see our oldest son over Memorial day!! It was a special time, not only because we got to spend time with our whole family, but it was the first time we’ve been back to Colorado since selling our house back in 2006. It was good to be back! We loved living in Colorado!!

We flew into Denver and then drove to Estes Park. It’s amazing to me how beautiful Colorado is! We spent one whole day driving and playing in Rocky Mountain National Park.

I also got to take some ~Senior Photos~ of my youngest son while we were there! I can’t believe how fast time flies. When we moved to Colorado, Eli was just going into the first grade! He was excited to get to do some of his photos there. All our boys loved living there. We did a few and we will finish them up here in Indy!! Here are a few of my favorites!!

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