So, I am “in love” with Pinterest!!  There are so many ideas, I don’t think I could ever find enough time to try all of them!!  One thing I can’t get enough of is displaying my photos!!!  So I thought today I’d share some of my favorites from pinterest and some of my own ideas too!! 

I thought this would be an amazing way to display some of my older family photos (or even just family snapshots)!

This looks like album frames or just 12 x 12 frames:  (SO CUTE!!)

I love the use of photos with other wall hangings here!!

This is my absolute favorite!!  Call me crazy, but I love the WHOLE wall collage!!  I sort of have something similar in my basement, but I really love the use of space here!!

Here are a couple from my house that I love:

This is an antique “Hoosier cabnet” that belonged to my mom.  I love displaying family photos in it!

I think I always say “this is my favorite” every time, but THIS really is my favorite!!  I love canvas wraps!!  I have them all over my house!!  This wall collage is my favorite (mostly because it’s my boys)!!  

I love the way the images wrap around the the whole surface!!! 

These are just a few ways I’ve found to display all my treasured images!!  I’d love to hear (& see) your ideas too!! 

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