Hey there!  I had an exciting morning with one of our local MOPS groups  ( Mothers of Preschoolers)!  They get together for breakfast,  fellowship, a craft and a speaker.  I got to talk to them today about “How to take great pictures of your kids!”  It was totally awesome!

Congrats to Rachel and Janice for winning the  “Complimentary Session” drawing!!

They are such a great group of ladies!  Since my baby just turned “17”, it’s been awhile since I’ve had a preschooler running around the house.  But I still get to run and play with my client’s kids and I LOVE IT!

I thought I’d take a minute and go over just a few of the highlights I shared with them this morning.  Some of the moms  took notes and they asked GREAT questions, but it was alot of information in a short amount of time.  I also tend to talk “a little” fast…  🙂  We all want great pictures of our kids so I thought I’d put a few things down so the mom’s could refer back to it.  Ok, here we go!

~ Aperture:  the size of the opening of your lens while you are taking your picture.  Controls your depth of field.

Tip:  Small number= the less things in your picture will be in focus

        Large number= the more things in your picture will be in focus

~Shutter Speed:  the time the shutter is open while you are taking your picture.  Stops motion

Tip:  set @ 1/60 or higher for hand holding your camera

        set @ 1/250 or higher for action

~ISO:  camera sensors sensitivity to light

Tip:  The brighter the light, the lower the ISO

Creative & Problem Solving Tips:

~Change your perspective!  Get down on their level, or get up high!

~Flip your camera for a vertical shot instead of horizontal.

~Watch your backgrounds!

~Give little ones something to hold

~Take photos while their attention is on something else, playing in

   the sand, or with a favorite toy.

~Catch their silly faces

~Put them in the shade to avoid “eye squint” or have them close

   them close their eyes for a moment, have them count to 3 then


~Inside?  Move them to a window for beautiful light!

And finally, and the most important thing to remember is “Get in the photo with your child!!”   In 10 years they will want to see you & them together!

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