The other day I got to hang out with my lovely friend Heidi.  I met Heidi a few years ago at a Photography Conference in Nevada.  After we talked for awhile, we figured out we lived just 10 minutes from each other.  I’ve always found that funny that we live so close but met all those miles away!   It’s great to have friends who you share so many things with, we both LOVE photography, the Lord, and we both homeschool!  Well, I guess I “homeschooled”…  since my last one has graduated and moved on to bigger and better things…  We got to get away for a bit and go to dinner, but before we did we got some photos of Heidi with her sweet baby belly!!

The funny thing about photographing a photographer is I don’t think we actually have any idea what we sound or look like while we’re working.  When we get a glance from the other side it can be quite eye opening…  Trying to be serious while I’m climbing on a picnic table because I forgot my ladder must have been a sight.

I can’t wait to meet this new little bundle of joy!!

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