Five Popular Wedding Photography Styles

Five Popular Wedding Photography Styles

Wedding photography, creating a lasting record of your very special day, is so important. If you’re not sure what style of wedding photography to choose, please consult these following different wedding photography styles.


Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional wedding photography style includes a lot of traditional and classic shots, such as group shots of the couple with the entourage and their families, shots of the cake cutting and wine toasting, and shots of the first kiss of the couple as husband and wife. Though this style has been practiced for decades, both photographers and clients find that it’s the best way to achieve “key shots” of the day and lasting photos of the couple and their friends and families together.

Illustrative Wedding Photography

Illustrative wedding photography style, which is often used for pre-nuptial and engagement photo shoot sessions, places emphasis on the composition, lighting, and background. The photographer asks the couple to pose together in a picturesque environment and encourages them to relax and create more spontaneous-looking moments for the camera. This style offers the technical control of posed shots and some skills in landscape photography, wide-angle lenses using and aerial photography sometimes.

Portrait Wedding Photography

Portraiture certainly makes some of the most beautiful images, especially of the blushing bride or of the happy couple on their wedding day. It is also considered formal wedding photography style that subjects are usually directed and posed for the camera.

Portrait wedding photography can keep the most meaningful moments when the bride finally has her makeup on, the couple has put on their wedding suit and they can privately pose for pictures with their families.

Black and White Wedding Photography

Black and white wedding photography is a good way to make classic and timeless images. It’s a great technique that all photographers should attempt to practice. In many cases, by taking out color, the photo becomes less distracting and the viewers’ attention instantly goes to the couple.

Natural Wedding Photography

Natural wedding photography basically means taking photos by using natural light rather than with your camera flash or other artificial light. The result is that the photos get more natural. However, it’s best used for outdoor weddings after sunrise and before sunset, or when the sun isn’t too bright in order to avoid unflattering shadows on the subjects’ faces. Therefore, photographers have to be very skilled in dealing with shadows and other lighting difficulties.

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