Essential Photography Tips for Beginners (p4)

16. Get a low-cost reflector to increase your options drastically

Having a reflector will help you better control light on your subject. You can use foam core board from a craft store that’s white on one side and black on the other for less than 5 dollars.

Foldable fabric boards are available at photography stores, too. The black side helps you reduce or block lights while the white one can help you fill in shadows. These two options make you have much better control with angles and positioning without being limited by the main light source. In case of too much contrast in your scene, you can fill the shadows on your subject by using a reflector. Adjust the distance between the reflector and your subject to control the fill light’s intensity.

17. How to photograph fireworks

Fireworks are super amazing. It’s also definitely the one which captures well on camera. To increase your chances for great results, be prepared and set up ahead of time.

18. Portrait photography tips

If you’re just starting out, you don’t have the studio or any fancy lighting equipment. Your best bet is to use the window light by turning off all the lights including the pop-up flash on your camera and moving near a window with some curtains so that you can play around with diffusing the light. Make your subjects feel comfortable and you should focus on the eyes, then give it a shot!

19. Pet photography tips

Pets are full of personality. Capturing pets on camera requires the different techniques which are depending on the individual pet. For example, dogs usually tend to reflect your emotions, therefore, act accordingly depending on the type of photo you want.

Some other pets can be very active. In this case, if you’re backed up against a wall, a short telephoto lens can help. Select the shutter priority mode to shoot in and hover about 1/125 – 1/500 sec depending on the pet. Similar to human subjects, keep your focus on the eyes.

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