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Essential Photography Tips for Beginners (p2)

5. Perfect the exposure trifecta Making proper exposure in photography contains balancing three things: aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings. You can begin with shooting in automatic or priority mode, but you will have to understand the relationship between these things to shoot with manual camera controls. 6. Always be ready Always be prepared and […]

Essential Photography Tips for Beginners

Essential Photography Tips for Beginners Photography is quite funny and fascinating. It’s also easier now than ever to start. We don’t need any portable darkrooms or have to wait for hours to take a single photograph anymore. You can start snapping away at anything that interests you. Due to the reduction of the technical barrier […]

Five tips for taking great iPhone photos

Five tips for taking great iPhone photos The iPhone is a great device for taking photos with excellent hardware and smart software. Here are five tips to help you along the way. Use the iPhone camera shortcut There are many great third-party camera apps for smartphones, but if you want a quick shot of a […]

Five Popular Wedding Photography Styles

Five Popular Wedding Photography Styles Wedding photography, creating a lasting record of your very special day, is so important. If you’re not sure what style of wedding photography to choose, please consult these following different wedding photography styles.   Traditional Wedding Photography Traditional wedding photography style includes a lot of traditional and classic shots, such […]


The other day I got to hang out with my lovely friend Heidi.  I met Heidi a few years ago at a Photography Conference in Nevada.  After we talked for awhile, we figured out we lived just 10 minutes from each other.  I’ve always found that funny that we live so close but met all […]


This weekend on instagram & facebook I posted a new dish I was trying “Greek Lemon Chicken”.   I was a little nervous, but it was REALLY good!  I had a lot of requests for the recipe so I decided to share it with you here!! I LOVE my baking stones, so I’m always looking for […]