Baby Adalynn came to the studio the other day to get her 3 month portraits.  She had me & her parents “cracking up”!!  Try as we may, we could NOT keep her awake!!  She was wide awake when she got to the studio, but almost as soon as we got her dressed, ZONK!!  Her mommy even let […]


I had the opportunity to do some photo sessions in Colorado this past week and it was such a wonderful time! I love newborns so much! I get to photograph newborns in the studio frequently, but it was fun to go to the family’s home and do the session there. Here are some of my […]


It’s been so crazy around the studio lately, I haven’t been able to do as many posts as I’d like!! So I thought I’d share some of my recent favorites!! Keon just celebrated his 1st birthday!! Happy Birthday to you!! Addie just had her newborn “debut”!! She is an angel!! I really loved working with […]