Some of you saw my post recently about my trip to Alaska with my husband. I thought I’d take a minute & share some of my favorite photos from our trip! Alaska was absolutely breathtaking!! Our cruise left from Seattle, so we got to spend the day there and I LOVED it!!

I walked around “Pike’s Market” early in the morning while the shops were getting ready to open. Nothing like fresh coffee & fish at 7am!!

We got on the ship & set out for Juneau. While we were at sea I saw my first whale EVER!!

We saw these seals napping in the warm sun. Juneau was beautiful & we got to see alot of wildlife!!

Our ship took us out to see the “Hubbard Glacier”, I think that was one of our favorite parts of the trip.

We stood out on our balcony watching the glacier & every now and then a big chunk would break off and fall into the ocean. It was so loud, it sounded like thunder! I was watching with our binoculars & my husband grabbed my camera (while it was still attached to my neck) and started snapping photos! I couldn’t stop laughing & and he may be a better photographer than me! These turned out pretty good!! LOL!

All those little “dots” at the bottom of the photo are actually seals! Gives a little perspective to the size of the glacier!!

We left the glacier and headed for Sitka.

We also got to spend a few hours in Victoria. I really enjoyed our day there!

I love, love, love taking photos of people, but it was kind of fun to shoot landscapes on vacation!! I found all kinds of interesting things the photograph!

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