Essential Photography Tips for Beginners (p4)

20. Landscape photography tips

Landscape photography usually captures vast spaces. The most common is landscape photos in nature, but this also applies to cityscapes.

These images can trigger powerful responses with the scenes they portray or the stories they tell. But first, you have to make sure that you are ready with proper gear and technique.

21. Party photography tips

Parties give us a lot of fun and you want to get great images without futzing with your camera all night. Most parties will be indoors and in darker settings. Therefore, you should choose a wide zoom lens with the widest range about 24mm to take photos in rooms with limited space.

Avoid using the built-in flash because it creates unflattering images. Opt for an a mounted flash or external one, you can direct to bounce off  walls or ceilings.

22. How to paint with light

Painting with light in photography is fun and interactive, and it’s easy to get other people to join in too. You can also get creative with this, depending on the number of people who are taking part in, and your source of light.

23. Use a prime lens for better creativity

Fixed or prime lens do just a few things to help your photos. Having no zoom will force you to move around so that increase the likelihood that you’ll be able to find a new or creative perspective.

Using a prime lens also helps you consider your framing more because you’ll be forced into situations in which there are things that you want to include or remove from the frame. Moreover, fixed lens are usually faster and aren’t confined to aperture limitations at different focal lengths.

24. Don’t try to clean the inside of your camera

Don’t try to clean as well as blow inside the camera. If you don’t absolutely know what you’re doing, both the mirror and the sensor can be very difficult to clean and it’s likely that you will make it worse than fix whatever is wrong.

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